Services & Pricing

Come on down and do your laundry with us.

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 Self serve laundry   

Small washers                                  $4.00

Medium washers                             $5.00

 Large washers                                  $6.00

 Large dryers                                      $5.00

 Single tide pods                               $1.00

    Single dryer sheets                          $0.25  


∗ We also offer a FREE exclusive membership for you to access the laundromat between 9pm-12am.  Contact us to become a member.


Standard Laundry         Pick up & Delivery

$2.19/lbs                           $2.99/lbs

Premium Laundry         Pick up & Delivery

$2.69/lbs                          $3.49/lbs

Bedding (Sheets, pillowcases)

Single size                      $19.99 up to 6 items

Double size                    $24.99 up to 6 items

Queen size                     $26.99 up to 6 items

King size                         $29.99 up to 6 items


 Single size                       $14.99 per item

 Double size                     $19.99 per item

 Queen size                      $24.99 per item

 King size                          $29.99 per item

Pricing for other items ranging from


Please note there is a minimum of

$30.00 for any drop off or pick up and delivery orders.


Commercial laundry


Message us with the fallowing details and we would be

happy to provide you with a proper quote.


  • Description of the items requiring laundering

        (e.g., linens, towels, uniforms)

  • Estimate weight of laundry per day, week, or month. 
  • Prefered schedule for pick-up and turnaround times.